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Our programs, services and supports help create a brighter future for people with Down syndrome.

The Congratulations Initiative aims at educating medical professionals in their delivering a diagnosis, providing up to date information about Down syndrome through our Medical Professionals Packs, linking Down Syndrome NSW as key support partner and most importantly saying "congratulations" not sorry. 

Furthermore, we work to support families and ensure all parents have up to date, fair and equitable information and support during both the prenatal and early years.

Prenatal & Diagnosis Support 

We provide expert advice, backed up by lived experience in the prenatal stages. We work to ensure all parents have up to date, fair and equitable information and support.

Babies & Early Years

We celebrate new babies and the early years through hospital visits, parent support networks and individual guidance and support, as well as workshops and resources to support families for the very best start.

Engage in our wonderful network of other families in our Online CatchUP!s fortnightly and New Babies Days each quarter.

Medical Professionals

We provide expert advice and services for medical professionals to access information, Medical Professionals information packs, inservice, referrals.

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