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Our programs, services and supports help create a brighter future for people with Down syndrome.

Services and Supports

Down Syndrome NSW provides a range of programs to support individuals with Down syndrome and their families to lead fulfilling lives.

This includes up to date information and support,
workshops and courses, training and capacity building for education and health care professionals, social community participation programs, pre-natal expert advice, new parent resources and support and specialist employment preparation and connection.

Congratulations Initiative

Delivers information, support and guidance for medical professionals and families in the prenatal and early stages of a babies life.

UP! UP! and Away

Promotes active engagement and offers enriching experiences for kids and teens with Down sydnrome.

UP! Club

Provides capacity building and community participation opportunities for adults with Down syndrome, enabling them to learn, engage, and connect.

Inclusive Education

Strengthens the capacity of educators and fosters strong connections, putting the student with Down sydnrome at the centre.

Information and Support

Provides a wide range of support and resources for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, carers, professionals and the community.

Employment Connections

Facilitates meaningful and
sustainable employment opportunities
for adults with Down

UP! Club Calendars

UP! Club Calendar - June 2024

UP! Club Calendar - June 2024


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JUNE 2024

JUNE 2024



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