Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving, allows employees to allocate a designated portion of their pre-tax salary to Down Syndrome NSW and receive immediate tax benefits, rather than waiting until the end of the financial year 

For just the price of a weekly cup of coffee, you can make a significant difference in providing lifelong care and support for individuals with Down syndrome. 

Step 1:  
Employees select the amount they would like to donate to Down Syndrome NSW each week. This can be done through payroll.

Step 2:  

The nominated amount is deducted from the employees pretaxpay.  

Step 3:  

Down Syndrome NSW receives donation and directs it to the area of greatest need. You will be given an update each year on the impact your donations have made. While some individuals may believe that their small fortnightly contributions are insignificant, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

In fact, the more employees who participate, the greater the impact! 

The impact you could make today

Consider these examples of what even modest contributions can achieve.

$5.00 per week

Has the potential to supply crucial equipment for our eagerly awaited teen and adult fun camps, where friends can unite, fostering improved mental health, life skills, and the creation of enduring friendships. 

$10.00 per week

Could sponsor enriching activities for our children, adults, and teenagers as part of our social programs, like Up Club and Up, Up and Away.  

$20.00 per week

Empowers us to develop valuable digital assets, including powerful parent-to-parent videos, which play a crucial role during the early stages when a newborn child enters the world.  

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Every contribution, no matter its size, plays a vital role in making a difference. Your support is truly meaningful. 

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