In Memory

Giving a gift in memory in memory of a loved one is a meaningful way to honour their life. 
This simple act ensures that they will leave a lasting legacy and impact in the community. 

Make a donation in honour of your loved one

As you contribute, we are eager to learn the name of the individual whom the gift commemorates and the reason behind your decision to donate in their honor.

You will have the option to specify the program or service you wish your donation to endorse.

Create a tribute page

Establish a tribute page by clicking on the link below. This page is dedicated to gathering donations in honor of your loved one.

This platform allows you to share with your friends, family, and on funeral or memorial invitations.

Customise your page to your heart's content, incorporating stories, photos, or videos of the remarkable individual you are commemorating.

Step 1: Set up your online page: Establish your personalised memoral page where family and friends can contribute to Down Syndrome NSW in your loved ones honour. 

Step 2: Spread the word: Share your page with friends and family, inviting them to donate in honour of your loved one 

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