Media Release

20 May 2024


Today, a joint statement has been released by the Australian, State and Territory governments indicating that their response to the Disability Royal Commission due on 31 March 2024 in line with the recommendations will be delayed.

Down Syndrome NSW understands the far-reaching impact of the Disability Royal Commission recommendations, noting that they require fundamental reforms not only to the disability sector but to our broader education, employment, justice and other systems. This is a shift we strongly support, in line with the social model of disability.
Consultation remains key, with the Christmas period falling between the final report release and response meaning this has not been as robust as it could be to date, compounded further by the reform rich environment that includes the equally large-scale NDIS Review.

Today's extension enables us to rectify this course of consultation to date which, in turn, will lead to better outcomes for those who matter most - people with disability and their families.

CEO Emily Caska notes, "The Disability Royal Commission marks a once in a lifetime approach to finally ensuring we get this right. It's not the first of its kind but we do hope it is the last."

"Whilst we as providers and as family members to loved ones with disability eagerly await the government response, the extension of time announced today signals more consultation and careful consideration, which we will actively engage in."

"We need to take a whole of life and whole of systems approach. The intersections between the NDIS Review and the Disability Royal Commission are critical to get right, as are other key inquiries underway such as the NSW Government Inquiry into Birth Trauma and a separate Inquiry into Educational Settings for Students with Disability and the Inquiry into Government Procurement - all of which Down Syndrome NSW is playing a proactive role in influencing."

Read the full joint media release from the Australian, State and Territory governments here:

Emily Caska
Chief Executive Officer