Down Syndrome NSW is a registered NDIS provider.  We are registered to provide:

  • Community Participation
  • Capacity Building
  • Behaviour  Management

Your NDIS Plan

Everyone has different needs and things they want to achieve in their life. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the Australian Government’s way to help people with a disability have choice and control over how those needs are met. We want to help make your goals happen and can assist you in various ways.

Under the NDIS there are three ways that you can choose to have your NDIS money managed:

Agency managed

The National Disability Insurance Agency manage your funds for you. If you choose to have your funds managed this way you are able to choose the services and individual providers (therapists etc.) that you want to support you but they must be registered with the NDIA to provide these supports.

Self managed

You can choose to manage your own funding and choose the people that you wish to support you. The people you choose do not have to be registered with the NDIA. You are responsible for paying the bills and claiming back the money from the NDIA. To do this you must keep accurate records and all paperwork to do with your supports. You need to open a separate bank account for the funds that you claim back from the NDIA to be paid into.

Plan managed

Plan Managed is when the NDIA pay someone to manage the funds for you. For example the NDIA will pay the people who support you, provide equipment and ensure that agreements are in place with the service providers you choose. The NDIA pay for this to happen separately from the funding that you receive under your Plan.

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