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Growing older with Down syndrome

This module provides an understanding of ageing and life span issues for people with Down syndrome. An awareness and understanding of elements associated with ageing and typical responses for people with Down syndrome translates to better care and life outcomes for the person with Down syndrome.

Content includes Understanding Behaviour, Health Changes, Auditory and Visual Memory, Communication, Emotional Wellness and Reactions to Loss, Grief and Change.
This workshop is for anyone working with or supporting an older person with Down syndrome.

Working with people with Down syndrome

This session aims to increase participants understanding of Down syndrome, the characteristics associated with it and the implications of these characteristics on the unique learning styles and social interactions of the person with DS. There is a strong focus on practical strategies for supporting people with Down syndrome in a wide range of contexts.

Update on DS

Drawing on the latest research internationally, this workshop provides an overview of the learning and social styles of people with Down syndrome. Key elements covered include intellectual disability, working memory, visual memory, executive function, communication, social/emotional development and motor skills and their impact on learning and relationships.