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Down Syndrome NSW continually strives to be a leading advocate voice for the Down syndrome community. We work with and represent people with Down syndrome to help them achieve their full potential in all life stages.  We deliver value to the people we represent, and their families and carers, through information, peer support, advocacy, education and service, from a committed team that unites professional expertise with lived experience.

What Is Advocacy?

Advocacy contributes to democracy in many important ways; it gives a voice to under or mis-represented citizen's interests, mobilises people to participate in the democratic process, assists in the development of better public policy and ensures governments accountability to citizens. 

Advocacy Leads to Social Change

Down Syndrome NSW, in association with other States and Territories, participates in systemic advocacy to help bring about social change and improve opportunities. As a member of Down Syndrome Australia we are able to influence change with a collective voice.

Some of the ways we may provide advocacy on a state level include:

  • Support advocate to sit in with you on plan reviews and planning meetings with your NDIS LAC
  • Hospital advocacy for support through difficult and challenging health issues
  • Representation at workshops and on committees for state-wide initiatives that require input and collaboration from the disability community
  • Developing resources and information to help build awareness of Down syndrome and reduce stigma associated with intellectual disabilities. 
  • Providing an opportunity to hear our member's voices through the Down Syndrome Australia Advisory Network and Down Syndrome NSW Advisory Network
  • Editorial contributions to Voice magazine by our members with Down syndrome

For more information and support, contact us on 02) 9841 4444 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following services can assist with complaints about disability services, rights violations and more specific personal concerns: