Tracylee Arestides | 9 February 2016

Dennis McGuirePromoting strengths and mental well being in Adults with Down Syndrome: Lessons learned from the Adult Down Syndrome Center, Chicago.

Down Syndrome NSW is delighted to announce that Dennis McGuire PhD, internationally renowned Down syndrome behavioural expert, will visit Australia in May, 2016. Dennis is co-author of Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome and The Guide to Good Health for Teens and Adults with Down Syndrome.


Dennis McGuire will present a series of seminars  Sydney for parents, carers and service providers. There will be separate professional development seminars for health professionals with an interest in intellectual disability.  Interactive webinars with Dennis McGuire will be announced shortly.

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Dennis McGuire is a highly sought after speaker on the areas of mental wellness and ageing in people with Down syndrome (DS).  In 1992 Dr McGuire, with colleague Dr Brian Chicoine MD, established The Adult Down Syndrome Centre in Chicago. During his tenure as Director of Psychosocial Services for the Centre, Dennis served the health and psychosocial needs of over 5000 adults with Down syndrome. In 2013 he joined the Global Down Syndrome Foundation to establish a centre of excellence for the care of adults with DS and is now in private practice. He regularly presents at national and international conferences and has contributed to numerous publications.

‘Dennis is a warm and engaging speaker with a wealth of lived experience in understanding people with Down syndrome and creating the best conditions to encourage mental wellness,’ said Margot Elliffe, DS NSW Board member and chair of the Mental Wellness & Healthy Aging 2016  Tour Committee.  ‘This is a unique opportunity for anyone in the Down syndrome community to get first-hand information to support healthy ageing and mental wellness for all people with Down syndrome'.

Dennis McGuire will be in Sydney on May 13 (professionals) and 14 (family and carers) at the SMC Conference & Function Centre (66 Goulbourn St, Sydney, NSW).

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