Our Board of directors is elected by the membership.  All positions are voluntary. Both Ordinary members and Affiliate members can nominate for the board.

Hayley Warren - President

Margot Elliffe - Vice President

Chris Elenor - Secretary

Nicholas Gotsis - Treasurer

Evelyn Scott 

Paula Rix 

Rene Pennock

Andrew Hinde

Sonja Volker

Jane Concepcion

Gemma Namey

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CID Presentation at 2019 AGM

Maie Burrow's acceptance of Lifetime membership.

I would like to thank the Board for the award of Life membership. I feel very honoured.

I have shared more than half my life with the DSA.  More in the early days when we were all looking for help and answers, less as life settled down. Going through the archives brought back memories of those early days.

Together we have faced many challenges, lack of early intervention, the right to attend the local school, lack of social activities, (I will never forget the first debutante ball), sport, going to work and living away from home.

Just as life seemed to be settling down, wham a new challenge! The statistics on Down Syndrome and dementia are not encouraging and we face a new fight to make the lives of our ageing children as good as possible. It is unacceptable that the only place for someone with early onset dementia, when they can no longer stay home, is a nursing home. There must be a better solution. 

So here we go again, the DSA, family and friends, taking up the fight to get what our children deserve. We have done it before, we can do it again.

I wish you all strength and courage. Lets do it together!